Saturday, 28 January 2017

Do You Have a Type? - Dating and Relationships

As you'll know, I've embarked on the world of online dating of late and one question I've been asked lately by both friends and potential dates is: What's your type?

I find this a really difficult question to answer and despite the opinion of some of my lovely friends (Thanks Scott!) it's not just a Penis and a Pulse!

I've been on a few first dates now(not a lot of seconds though) and I can honestly say I can't see a running theme. 

We had wickedly naughty Northern Irish guy, we had hipster graphic designer guy, we had tall bearded (I thought sweet but turns out not) guy and lately Hot gym-rat Iranian guy.

Is there such thing as a 'Type'?

I guess what all of these guys had in common were that none of them were right for me at all and I didn't really connect with them. 

Maybe having been in a relationship for so long, I'm just finding my 'type' or I've been focusing on looks too much gah!

Is 'Type' about looks or is it more than that?
I think my 'type' is to be found somewhere other than asthetic. I don't think I can properly fancy someone unless I can have a connection in some way with them.

I need a guy who can have a laugh, someone who can be silly and fun, cheeky but also respectful.
We'll see what the gods of tinder, pof and bumble come up with shall we?

Anyway that's my general musings for a Saturday morning. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on twitter (@lozzyloveslippy), do you have a type?