Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Five Things You Shouldn't do on a First Date (From Experience)

Hi Folks,

As you may or may not know, I've been single now for a couple of months after a long term relationship and I've joined the crazy world of online dating!

This means that I actually have to go out and meet new guys, which fills me with more dread than you know! 
This usually leads to me partaking in a little 'dutch courage' and ending up slightly tipsy so this is where the majority of these stories have come from!

So here are some of the mistakes I have made so you don't have to- You are welcome!

1. Drinking on an empty stomach.

The first date I went on, I was so nervous that I ate nothing aside from a bag of crisps all day but decided it was a great idea to go for a large glass of wine (or two) before meeting the guy. 
This led to us staying in wetherspoons all evening (classy), progressively getting more drunk and him suggesting we go for a frisson in the loos (classy again). I politely declined, ended the night with a 6 inch hearty Italian in my gob (from Subway) and that was that!

2. Talk about how strong you are and demonstrate what a 'Squat' is.

Not that anyone in their right mind would do this but I bragged about being able to squat with a guy I know on my back (true story) and my date asked me what I meant. In skinny jeans and a rather thick coat (several glasses of pinot in), I proceeded to demonstrate and fell straight on my ass! Cue embarrassment, awkward laughter and me flailing about trying to get up!

3 Ignore your date when he tells you that you have lipstick on your face (post snog).

So I went in for the kill and had a little smooch, feeling safe wearing my trusty matte liquid lipstick. I didn't bother checking when my date told me I had lipstick on my face untill I walked the whole way through Leeds and went in to another bar to go to the loos. Finished my business and had a little look in the mirror, as you do. To my horror, the whole bottom half of my face was covered in lipstick, and when I say covered I mean COVERED. Needless to say I won't be seeing him again!

4. Go on an all dayer the night before and turn up completely dying with a hangover.

Rocking in at 3:30am after going out at 2:30pm is not big or clever by any standards (great night though!), let alone the day before you are meeting someone for the first time. I get God awful anxiety with a hangover, so going in to busy Leeds City Centre to meet a new guy, going for food you can't eat and not being able to drink alcohol without heaving doesn't set the best first impression!

5. Go unprepared about where you are going.

I have no idea what it is with guys and letting me chose where we go! I have no clue where to go on a date. Wetherspoons followed by Fibre is my usual night out in Leeds but I don't think that it's 'first date appropriate'. Wherever you decide to go, one thing is for sure, you should always be prepared.
On the above date I suggested meeting in the train station and going from there on a busy December Saturday afternoon. Que me storming through crowds, trying to figure out where to go, him looking lost and it being a good half hour before we even look at one another (all on a hangover might I just add). So if you want something chilled then book something or don't go on a busy Saturday afternoon!

So there you go, hope that's given you a giggle at least. Please tell me, in the comments, if you have some horrid date stories of your own- I can't be the only one!