Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Weightloss Wednesday- Feeling Positive

Well folks, it's been a wee while!

I had a couple of weeks off work on holiday and I really enjoyed it. I ate and drank what I wanted and, at the end, I put on 4lb

I actually really think that this was good for my motivation and, in turn, my weightloss because straight away, I was back on to counting points with more enthusiasm and drive than before and ended up losing the 4lb the very next week.

I was not, however, looking forward to yesterday's weigh in. Saturday night brought Pizza and Prosecco and I was less than frugal with my points.
But low and behold, I lost 1lb.

That Brings me to -3.5 stone  or -49lb of you are that way inclined!

Me- November to Now

I was so chuffed with myself yesterday and it once again spurred me on to continue!

I know I keep saying it but, little slip ups and breaks are OK as long as you get back on after!

This is the most amount of weight I've ever lost and the thinnest I've been in years (still a way to go but getting there!). I fully attribute it to my head Space and my ability to get over it and forgive my little foodie transgressions.

So I'm going to leave you with my food of the week.

This week is the DDC Rocky Rice Bars.

They are basically Puffed Rice, covered in chocolate and at 4 Smart Points and 95cals they are honestly fab at curbing the Chocolate craving and quite filling too!