Thursday, 21 April 2016

Weightloss..... Thursday!

Hi Folks!

Been a wee bit slack this past week with blogposts and missed last week's weight loss Wednesday post so I thought I'd do a quick update.

So, I've been off work on holiday for about 10 days and decided not to track. I have eaten so much crap, so was dreading stepping on the scales on Tuesday.

But low and behold I had lost 2.75lb taking me to -3stone 5lb.

It just goes to show that it does catch up.
I am still being naughty though, I'm currently back home and have eaten out for every meal so I do anticipate a gain next Tuesday.

I just wanted to share a wee Non -Scale Victory with you.

I was so anxious to fly on Tuesday. Flybe planes are not the most forgiving for the larger frame. I got on the flight and honestly, I was so much more comfortable than I have been in so long. Long story short, my arse actually fit in the seat Haha!
This has really given me a boost for next time I fly alone and will help with my anxiety about it!

I hope you are enjoying this wee spell of sunshine. I certainly am!