Sunday, 3 April 2016

Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation Review

Hi folks! I hope ye are all well on this fine Sunday! (or whatever day you are reading this!)

Today I have a wee review for you on the Newest Foundation release from Maybelline- The Dream Velvet Foundation and I have the colour 01 Natural.

The Packaging

It comes in a squeeze tube and the packaging is nice a sleek, it doesn't offend me or excite me but it's nice. The colour of the tube reflects the colour of the foundation which is handy.

The Colour

01- Natural seems to be the lightest shade and it is definitely on the yellow side. I have quite the pink face but it does seem to blend in OK and neutralise my redress so as long as I blend it down my neck then it is fine for me.

The Formula

Maybelline bills this as a Hydrating- Matte foundation and states that it's a 'gel- whipped formula'. The texture is very whipped but I'm not sure I agree with the hydrating aspect. It definitely clings to my dry bits- an issue I've had with nearly every Maybelline foundation I've tried. It goes on really smoothly and it is matte but I still needed to set it with a powder as it takes a long time to set, if it does set fully at all.
It doesn't do well with cream products over it, it tends to go a bit chunky but it's fine with powder blush and bronzer etc.

The Coverage

The coverage, I would say, is medium-full and slightly buildable but don't try to build it up too much as it does slip around a little so stippling it on helps with this.

The Longevity

I've tried this out on and off for 3 weeks and each time it has not wowed me. It starts to break down on my nose first after not much over an hour. It fades at my jawline and forehead and just doesn't last well at all, it goes very patchy. I really wouldn't recommend for long wear.
Another bone of contention for me was, it settled into my fine lines and wrinkles *cries into pillow dramatically*. I have started to get some very definite lines and the last thing I want is for my foundation to highlight this, this definitely did that to me.

Ignore the face but this was my nose after a full days wear with topped up powder at least twice. You can see that it's rubbed off on and around the nose and it's back to it's pinky glory haha! 

This is my face overall after 10 hours wear. I'm comparing it to my normal, Rimmel, foundation and it didn't hold up well at all. 


I was not impressed with this foundation, it has a good price point (£7.99), applies nicely and has decent coverage. If you have a normal skin or younger skin then it might be for you but it certainly didn't suit my ageing (sobs!), combination skin whatsoever.

If you want to see me apply and chat about it then take a look here.

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