Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Weightloss Wednesdays- To be expected

So folks, I'm not doing well on this motivation crap am I?

This past weekend was Easter (incase you missed the 35million Easter egg adverts!) and my goodness did I enjoy myself.

I had the most relaxing, chilled, indulgent weekend I've had in a long long time and I'll tell you why it was still good for my health.

It was good for my mental health. Not constantly tracking, counting and weighing. I prepared myself for a gain this week and decided to write off the long weekend; eating chocolate, drinking prosecco and enjoying time with my boyfriend without the worry of 'how many points is in this' or dreading stepping on the scales yesterday.

I said to myself 'as long as you stay under or at the -3St mark it's grand! And you know what? I did! I've gained 1.25lb meaning I've still lost 3st 0.75lb.

One thing my little hiatus did teach me was, how much I missed it! I missed eating decent food and showing myself I have discipline. I did also feel bloated and lethargic at times but yesterday was a new day. I'm back on it, refreshed, enthusiastic and looking forward to the next part of my weightloss journey (cringe).

So since this has been a load of text and very little pictures, please enjoy this pic of me from good Friday with a random tree!