Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Weightloss Wednesday- Scales v Self Confidence

Hello my lovelies!!

Last week I talked about now letting a bad day put you off track and this week's weigh in was my 'bad day'

I'll set the scene. I had lost 2 stone 12lb and was feeling good, really really wanted to reach that 3 stone on next weigh in, but was feeling more confident and self assured that I have done in months.
Then Tuesday came.

Tuesday is my weigh in day so off I go, shower first, then step on the scales starkers as I've done for weeks and to my horror I had gained half a pound.

I know, I know! 'Half a pound is nothing' I hear you cry. But honestly folks you'd have thought my world had ended.

It wasn't just the half a pound, I'd already reached 3 stone in my head so it felt like going backwards.
All morning I was in a horrible mood, felt self conscious, insecure, those bits that stick out stuck out all the more and I just felt like shit to be honest.

And what did I do? I had pizza for dinner.... Yup total contradiction.

Today is a new day, and with that I have gained (aside from pizza bloat) a new perspective. I've reminded myself that it's not all about the number on the scale but also how I feel, how my clothes fit better and how proud I should be to come this far!

So I'll cut all the soppy bullocks and leave you with one thought. Stop waiting on those numbers to fall and celebrate every non scale victory. Whether that be climbing the stairs and not getting out of breath or fitting into jeans you hadn't in years or just looking at your hands and seeing your fingers have got smaller (yup I've done that!) Focus on that because the scales are odd things and don't always say what you think they should!

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