Sunday, 13 September 2015

New Tanya Burr Perfect Brows Palette Review

Another post so soon you say?? What's happening?! Well I've bought so much that I wanted to show you some of it!

You may have seen my Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Palette review (here) today I bring you the Perfect Brows Eyebrow Palette!

The Packaging
Tanya Burr Perfect Brows Palette

Along a similar line to the eyeshadow palette we have the cardboard packaging with lines, foil finish but the colours are purple and pink which definitely speak to me as a my favourite colours. It has a mirror in the inside and comes with a tiny little angled brush and tweezers that I haven't used.
On the back, again we have a little bit from Tanya on how to use- a great touch for those starting out with brow grooming.

Tanya Burr Perfect Brow Brow tips

The Colours

Tanya Burr Perfect Brows Palette
Had to play with the contrast a little to get the colours to show true to colour. 

It comes with 3 brow colours and a highlight which is great if you like to change your hair colour, make your brows a little more 3d and textured or if you do other people's makeup.

The highlight is called Fairy Cake, it's a nice cream colour with some glitter through but not too intense, probably could stand to be a little more intense to suit my personal preference.
Then we have the lightest brow colour which is pebble, an ashy taupey shade which would be great for blonde brows, having been blonde in the past I'd have enjoyed this colour a lot.
Next up is chestnut, as you can probably guess this is a medium rich brown with a little bit of a red undertone but not too red. I have red hair at the minute and I find this is perfect for me and looks pretty natural.
Lastly we have hot cocoa a dark, coolish brown but not too dark so I can actually use this in the tails of my brows.
I think it's a fab all rounder colour palette.

The Quality

Tanya Burr Perfect Brows Palette swatch
L-R Fairy Cake, Pebble, Chestnut, Hot Cocoa

The powders are each nicely pigmented, they pick up really well with my usual angled brush and don't need an awful lot of building up but aren't hard to blend out with a spoolie if you add too much.
I usually use MAC embark on my brows and this palette stands up to that without a problem. In terms of longevity I notice no difference at all, they last well. This palette has taken over and become my new every day- high praise indeed.

So there you have it, my thoughts on the Tanya Burr Perfect Brow Palette. You can get it for £7.00 at feel unique here

Also I've done my full brow routine including tinting on video here or below: