Sunday, 6 September 2015

NEW Tanya Burr Hollywood Eye Palette Review

Hi Folks!

Today I thought I'd share a little beauty that I got recently- the New Tanya Burr Eyeshadow Palette in Hollywood. I got a few other items like the brow palette and lipgloss so if you want to see reviews on those let me know but, for now let's get going!

The Packaging

All of the range comes in lovely packaging and this is no exception. It's cardboard but seems sturdy and has a lovely little heart shaped mirror inside. The gold and pink is really pretty and suits the 'Hollywood' name.
On the back Tanya has her pic and some tips for application which is a nice touch.

The Colours

The colours are pretty, shimmery/satin neutrals. There are 4 in the palette as you can see. We have a light highlight colour called 'Nude Delight' which I would say is a satin, A gorgeous lightish gold colour called 'gold coin' which I'd call shimmer, A really shimmery/glittery bronzy gold called 'enchantment' and a mid tone brown called 'bookworm' again I'd say more satin.
Side note- I love that they all have cute little names.
I do love the choice of colours, my favourite is 'Gold Coin' it's my perfect, light golden, shimmery lid colour. The only one I'm not totally sold on is enchantment, it is very glittery and more of a shadow topper, I'd have preferred it to be replaced by a darker definer shade.

The Quality

L-R Nude Delight, Gold Coin, Enchantment and Bookworm

In terms of pigment, these are fab. One swipe is enough to get the colour to transfer onto the eyes. They pick up well with both brush and finger.
They are really really lovely quality, smooth, creamy beautifully blendable they almost feel like cream to powder to the touch. I am actually, genuinely really impressed for the £6.00 price point. 
They last just as long as my urban decay shadows on the eyes and I always use the Absolute New York primer below any shadow so I had no creasing and very little fading in the 8-10 hours I've been wearing them. 

All in all I really do think this is a great wee palette. I'm probably not the demographic for it and it would be great for younger people starting out in makeup but more than that I think it is great for any age. 
I really want to try some more so let me know if you have and which to try. 

I featured this and more in my haul ft my Friend Andrea that you can see here and below: