Thursday, 6 August 2015

Uncontrollable Blogging Desires (Naked Smokey Discount)

Hi Folks,

I just wanted a wee quick one today, it's more like a Diary/Brain Vomit than a blog post but I wanted to share my thoughts and maybe in turn give myself a little kick up the bum.

As a blogger/Youtuber I am constantly reading blogs and watching YouTube videos so inevitably I will have the latest and greatest products in my face constantly as well as offers and discounts aplenty.
Now don't get me wrong, discounts are fab but I am such a sucker for marketing and reviews and can convince myself that I need all of the things.

Take for instance today. I have been seeing the Naked Smokey palette all over the place and I have not really bitten, I've not wanted the palette as I have plenty of similar colours in my collection and they didn't really blow me away. But today, while feeling miserable and sick, I was casually browsing twitter when I saw Kal from Cluttered Closet posted about a £10 discount off the palette on Feel Unique (code 10MSE30) and instantly I NEEDED THE PALETTE.

Now I have no available spends until next weekend but immediately my brain went to, where can I get this, how can I get this, I need this, give me this eyeshadow NOW!!
The palette.... that I didn't ever want was now my newest obsession...!!

I checked with Kal to see when the discount would end and she said it will end tomorrow... this saddened me greatly, my dream (of 5 minutes) was slipping away before my eyes, I wanted it, I needed it, It must be mine!!

*It was then that I had to remind myself that I DIDN'T ACTUALLY WANT THE F****ING PALETTE!!!

Honestly, what is it in my brain (and I'm sure I can't be alone) that makes me feel this way?
Give me a decent discount and I will convince myself I need anything.

Anyway this is probably a rambling mess as it was my brain vomiting onto a page but I'd love to know if any of you experience the same thing? Have you convinced yourself you needed something that you previously didn't want? What does it for you?
Please let me know in the comments, I'm dying to know!!

*Disclaimer: I am not saying I will never want this palette or that I won't eventually cave and get it... I'm only human lol.

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