Thursday, 27 August 2015

#LetsGlow By Ladbrokes Glow in the Dark Bingo

A few weeks ago I got in the post the most fabulous glow in the dark invitation ever to the most odd blogger event I'd ever been invited too and I was excited.

It was glow in the dark bingo which appealed to my fond memories of going to bingo with my Mum as well as my inquisitive side so off I went last Thursday to the Belgrave in Leeds to see what it was all about.

We were met by India who gave us some drinks tokens (always a plus) and we were shown around the fab 'bingo hall' the attention to detail was fab. Jars of tonic adorned the table, UV lights were shining and there were some lovely ladies doing glow in the dark Mani's and face painting.

Next was time for the main event- the bingo. We had some veteran bingo players and some newbies so it was funny trying to teach my them how to play and watch people trying to find the numbers.
The prize fund boasted lush goodies, Pandora goodies and more and my Friend, non blogger and first time bingo player, Gina badged herself a prize for a line (not a bit jealous- honest!)

Then came the food. Pizza and cupcakes galore. I thought I was going to need rolling out of there.

It was a fab night, one of the best Blogger events I've been too. It was also lovely to catch up with some fellow Yorkshire Bloggers and meet some more!

Ladbrokes have done a blogpost of their own with decent pics (haha) on the evening which you can hind here: 

And I Vlogged the evening too which you can find here or below.

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