Sunday, 5 July 2015

Kiko Smart Lip Pencil First Impressions/Swatches

Hi Folks! How are we all doing?

If you saw my most recent haul you'll know that I've been obsessed with lip liners of late so when I went into Kiko in Leeds I decided that I needed to pick a few up.
The range I decided on was the smart lip pencils as I'd seen a couple of good reviews and at £2.50 (plus 30% off!) they were a bargain.
I picked up 5 shades and I'm going to Share my first impressions/review with you now!


The pencils are quite a bit shorter that my MAC ones and a tiny bit shorter than my Rimmel, Milani and Jordana ones so you don't get as much product and they are the wooden, resharpenable pencils. Packaging is standard matte black pencil with silver cap. Nothing to write home about but sleek and they do have a little colour coded bottom.

My Swatch pics are small as they are screen grabs from my YouTube video (here)

The First shade I got was 702- Coral

As you can see, it is a peachy coral colour, not as bright as anticipated but still nice. It went on well, it was quite well pigmented but not so opaque that I'd wear it alone.
It wasn't very dry but also wasn't very slippy so I feel like it would hold well under a lipstick.

Shade 2 was 715- Periwinkle Violet.

This shade was darker than I thought it would be. It was a creamier formula but again not fully opaque. I thought this would really go well with Maybelline colour elixir in vision in violet so I might try those together. It's a nice violet shade and I do love a purple lip and I think it's rare that you see such an affordable purple lip liner.

Shade 3 was 714- Pink Iguana

This is a lightish blue toned almost barbie pink, again like the others it is smooth and applies well, it is nicely pigmented and I like it.

Shade 4 708 Fuchsia

This is one of my favourite colours of the 5. It is, however, slightly drier in formula which was disappointing. It wasn't terrible but it could have been creamier but the pigment was good and the colour is gorgeous.

And lastly we had Shade 5 which was 705 Bright Geranium

Now this is actually my favourite shade. It's a beautiful bright orange which isn't overly yellowy and I think that it's flattering and suits my skin tone, it was in the middle in terms of creaminess and probably the best in terms of pigment.


To test it out I wore shade 705 alone and it was absolutely fine on my lips for a couple of hours until I ate a sandwich and then it came off the middle of my lips but the outside held up pretty well. I think it is pretty standard in terms of wear time but would probably really help a lipstick hold.


I was really impressed with the lip pencils. For a budget range, they have so many colours, brights, nudes, reds I believe 16 shades in total. They are really good especially for the price and they are currently £1.20 on the website which is an absolute bargain.

If you have any questions leave them below and if you want to see them applied to the lips then watch my video here or below.

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