Sunday, 7 June 2015

My New Favourite Summer 'Flirty Orange' Lip by Gosh

Hi guys! How the hell are y'all?

So I promised some reviews and here is an ickle one for you.
Like many others, when the weather gets a little bit brighter and warmer I automatically think; 'Yay!! Bright lipstick time!' and this year is no exception.

I've been drooling over oranges and corals galore and have been searching Boots and Superdrug like a mad woman for an affordable bright orange that doesn't make my teeth look like they belong to a Jeremy Kyle Reject. And ee by gum I think I've found it!

It comes in the form of this Velvet Touch little boy from Gosh in Colour 153: Flirty Orange (£6.99)- even the name rocks!

The packaging is sleek and doesn't feel cheap and tacky which is always a good thing for a lipstick that cost me a fiver! 

The Colour

Mind my really really dry hands

This is a bright orange with slightly less of a yellow tone and leans a little more towards red undertones but it's still a proper orange (Jeepers I'm good at explaining colours). It is bright but I think it's wearable, I've worn it to work but I love a bright lip so if you do too this is one for you.
With oranges, the yellow base can sometimes make your teeth look yellow but I really haven't had that problem with this.

The Formula

The lipstick has a nice creamy formula and isn't drying on the lips, it doesn't drag or skip and stays in that state where you can rub your lips together comfortably.

The Finish

Worn over a yellowy orange lipliner

The super drug website say that this lipstick 'contains light reflecting pigments which gives the lips a bright and shiny look' and I say I'd have to agree with this. When first applied it has a nice shiny finish but after a while that wears off and you are left with a kind of satin finish and then eventually a nice orange stain. 

The Lasting Power

This stuff claims to be 'long lasting' and I'd also agree, it lasted a good 5 hours on me before I topped it up and at that stage I didn't particularly need to but the creaminess had worn off and I wanted something on my lips. 
On wearing off they don't wear off patchy and bitty but instead leave a nice orange stain like I said above.
With every lipstick I try I like to put it to the 'sausage sandwich test' i.e. where I apply, eat a sausage sarnie and see what is left after and this did hold up. 

Overall I love this bad boy, I've been wearing it loads lately and it just brightens up my face and for £6.99 its a bargain. It's actually on buy one get one half price in Superdrug at the minute too. 

If you want to see the lipstick applied then watch my new video here or below:

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