Thursday, 11 June 2015

L'oreal Infallible Mega Gloss (Matte) Review

Hi Guys, another cheeky wee review for you today! Expect a few coming up!

Today brings another lovely lip product in the shape of this L'oreal Infallible Matte Gloss in the shade  '405- The Bigger The Better'. I got mine in Superdrug here.

The Packaging

These glosses are a repackaged/relaunched version of the glam shine/glam matte glosses and I have to say I prefer this packaging. The top/wand bit is, as you can see, shiney black plastic and the rest is clear so you can see all the colours. I much prefer the rectangular facets of this packaging as I feel it gives a more sleek, luxury feel and of course the L'oreal in the usual font finishes it off.

The Wand

As you can see, the wand is a really interesting zig zag shape, the shape allows for the wand to pick up enough product to cover both your lips without having to re-dip. The underside of the dip fits comfortably on the bottom lip and L'oreal suggest you apply to the bottom lip first and spread out for there and to be honest, before I read that, this is exactly how I found best to apply. 

The Formula/Longevity

The 'gloss' is a creamy, matte formula which is very comfortable on the lips. It doesn't dry out the lips, it has enough slip that you can rub your lips together comfortably and not have that uncomfortable, sucking the moisture out feeling. It doesn't settle in to the lines or highlight any dry patches, it is smooth and lovely when applied.

The wear time is around 4/5 hours for me, once the creamy feeling wears off you are left with a nice stain that means you can leave it for much longer but, like I've said before, I like the feeling of product on my lips so I need to reapply. 
It bleeds/blurs out ever so slightly so you might want to use a lip liner to keep the lines crisp.

The Colour

There are a range of different colours with cream gloss formula, sparkly formula and obviously Matte. The colour I chose is a rich, warm pink colour.

It comes off a little lighter than it appears in the packaging, which pleasantly surprised me.
It;s vibrant and bright but not too shouty and in your face. It would be perfect if you want to branch out into the bright lip for summer. 


I actually really love this lip product. I don't quite understand why it's called a gloss and I'd prefer that it wasn't but I'd love to get more shades and I'd love them to do more matte shades too. 
You can get it here for £6.99

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