Sunday, 21 June 2015

Body Shop Leeds Beauty Blogger Event and Mini Haul

Hi guys, how are we all doing this week? Good I hope! I wanted to share a snippet of my week with you.

On Thursday, I got invited to a Beauty Blogger event in the Body Shop on Briggate in Leeds to see some of the things that had recently launched.
Now I already love some bits from Body Shop so I of course was there with bells on (and by that I mean half an hour early haha)

We were greeted by some of the girls who work there to include the Manager Tahira, Assistant Manager Beth and the resident skincare, body and makeup experts to talk us through the products and  basically to pamper us.

There was a nice little group of us so we all got to spend a good amount of time with an expert on each type of product. The knowledge they had was fantastic, they were really passionate about the products and definitely very clued up.

First we were treated to a sneaky little hand/arm massage. They used the new Virgin Mojito range on us and it smells and felt so good. I had the body sorbet used on me and I think I'm going to have to make a purchase of it soon because it is really nice, absorbent, non greasy, cooling and smells good.

I then went on to have a mock skincare consultation  (I was wearing makeup and didn't want to take it off) which comprises of filling in a little leaflet, a sebum test where they test the oils on your skin and then recommend products tailored to your skin type. I was actually surprised at how many ranges of skincare they actually had. I'm particularly coveting the drops of youth concentrate and bouncy sleep mask as well as some of the newer Vitamin C range.

I was then talked through some of the hero products and new products in the makeup range (my favourite part) by Laura Beth and told about all the good oils they contain (I've slept since and can't remember the name sorry!) and was also introduced to the new packaging for the fragrances. They had on display, the Italian Summer Fig Fragrance and it smelled so good!!

We had such a relaxed time and had plenty of time to roam around, take pictures (I did a little bit of vlogging too) and were given a 35% discount if we wanted to do any shopping (which I did a little)

At the end we were given a little goody bag with some samples of the mojito range including a mini body butter, and some lovely skincare and other body samples too which was lovely.
Inside the goody bag

The bag it came in- How cute!!

I bought these (Camomile Waterproof eye makeup remover and 'Rosy Cheeks' Nail Polish)

All in all it was a fab night, Tahira said they were hoping to hold many more and I really hope to go again. It was lovely to meet some other bloggers I hadn't met before too like Laura from 'A Forte for Fashion'. It would have been nice to see more familiar faces there but I know there were other events on that night so maybe next time!

If you want to see my crap vlogging skills of my day and a little of the event then click here or below.

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