Sunday, 10 May 2015

Next 'Make me Beautiful' Makeup First Impressions

Hi Guys!

If you caught my haul a couple of weeks ago (link here) you'll know that I got some bits from Next which are pretty new and I was interested to give them a proper try.
I thought I'd use today's post to show you them and let you know my initial thoughts.

I got three items:

From Top to bottom:

Perfect Cheeks Blusher (£8)
Matte Lip Colour in Party Pink (£8)
Perfect Look Dark Brown Eyeshadow Quad (7.50)


The outer packaging is nice, it's a metallic silver and I like the font (yes I do think about these things) it looks like a modern but almost high end brand to me.

The lipstick has the coolest casing, it looks a little bit futuristic.
The quad and the blusher has quite bulky casing and no mirror so that's a bit of a draw back for me.

Eyeshadow Quad

Next Makeup Dark Brown Eyeshadow Quad

This called out to me as it looked like there were some nice, rich chocolatey shades in there which I love. 
The shadow itself feels quite dry to the touch, it's definitely difficult to get a good swatch.
On the eyes it isn't too difficult to blend but it's not the smoothest of consistencies either. It also came off a lot greyer/cooler toned on my eyes that it looks in the pan.

Next Makeup Dark Brown Eyeshadow Quad swatches
1- Top left, 2- Top Right, 3- Bottom Left, 4- Bottom Right.

In terms of wear time, these did wear well. I applied them over my usual primer, like I do on a daily basis, and they lasted just as long as my urban decay ones and didn't crease. 

With all that said, if I was to buy more from this line another eyeshadow quad would not be top of my list.


Next Makeup Blusher

What drew me to this was that it looks like it has beautiful golden undertones and the fact it was a 'shimmer brick' type of product.
Again it is quite a dry formula, not quite as dry as the eyeshadows but still not as smooth as I would like. 
The pigmentation is pretty good on each of the colours especially the middle and bottom shades.

Next Makeup Blusher swatches
L-R is bottom to top but far right is my finger swirled over all of them.

So they give off a gorgeous colour when swirled together. The only thing I didn't like was the top shade, there was a pearlescence to it that almost shone blue and that translated on the cheeks. It cheapens the product a little.
I definitely think I'd save this for a night out rather than every day. 


Next matte lipstick party pink

This is most definitely the little gem of the bunch. It is a matte formula but it's creamy and not too drying. 
The pigmentation is definitely there, it is opaque in one swipe.

Next matte lipstick party pink swatch

The colour is fab, it's the shade 'Party Pink' it's a neutral to cool toned pink, it's bright without being over the top.
It lasts a decent amount of time too, I've worn it for a good 4 without until topping it up. 
I'd definitely buy another one of these if they brought out some more colours as the range is slightly limited at the moment.

Overall Thoughts

I have to say I wasn't blown away, I think the price point was a little high for the quality, had these been a fiver then I'd maybe have lower expectations. Like I say the lipstick was my favourite and If you want to check the range out then I'd recommend trying that. 

I also did a video on my YouTube channel demoing the products on my face so if you want to see that, click here or below.

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