Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Spring Beauty and Accessories Haul (EBay and Next)

So I've done a little Shopping on EBay and Next and I thought I'd share it all with you because I know it's not just me who likes to live vicariously through others shopping addictions!

So anyway when I did my shopping I made a decision that 2015 was the year of floral hair accessories and this explains why I bought these and have some more on the way:

I got these here and they were only 99p each. They have lots of colours, they come from china but they only took about 10 days to get to me. They are on a metal hairband but don't dig in too much.

I also got these elasticated ones here

These make me channel my inner hippie. I will say that they are pretty tight which means they stay on but also they gave me a bit of a headache.

Moving on to Brushes

Of course when I'm perusing EBay (usually at 1am) I cannot help myself from looking at makeup brushes. So I got these from three different sellers:

The Two Angled Brushes on the left are from here I can never find an angled brush when I need one so this was necessary at 99p each.

The Next 8 Brushes came from a little set from this seller from £2.67 because... well.. why not.

And the last brush looks like an actually paint brush but it's actually a flat contour brush which I got here it was the most expensive at £2.95 and I'm not sure about it.

The last things I got from EBay were these:

These were a purchase inspired by a gorgeous fellow Irish Youtuber- Dramatic Mac (check her out) but they are matte liquid lipsticks (see here). 
Again I'm not sure about them as I tried one and it felt kind of like superglue and the colours were definitely different to how they appeared online but what do I expect for 99p?

So that's all from EBay. 

Next Have brought out a new own brand Makeup Line called Make me Beautiful so I thought I'd check it out

I got the:
Perfect Cheeks Blusher (£8 here
Perfect Lips Matte Lipstick in Party Pink (£8 here)
Dark Brown Eyeshadow Quad (£8 here)

Now I haven't tried out any of these yet but I did swatch in the haul video I did (see below) and I was impressed with the blush and lipstick but not the quad. Id you want to see a review then let me know.

So that's everything. I do want to get a few more springy bits so please let me know your recommendations for cheap accessories and makeup in the comments below.

And If you want to see swatches and hear me talk then watch the video here or below

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