Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Top Three Travel Destinations (Travel Bucket list)

Hi folks, now this is not a usual post for me but when Shaun got in touch on behalf of Transun and asked if I wanted to do this to win a chance to win a trip to the Northern Lights, I thought yaaaas!!
The competition closes at 11:59pm tonight so If you want to know more click here

Background: I've only been abroad twice in my life. Once when I was 9 and once when I was 15 (12 years ago this year), for one reason or another (confidence, money, plans falling through etc).
I'm missing out on seeing (and photographing) actual real life places and I live vicariously through my friends and other lovely bloggers.

So I'll stop blethering on and tell you what's on my Top 3 Travel Destinations:

Number 3 (yes I'm doing a countdown)

It's actually Northern Ireland! (check out my full post here)

OK, yes I'm Irish, I've been here and it's a little bit of a cop out (sorryyyy)
I moved to Leeds Three years ago so all my extra cash goes on trips back home and these are like my little holidays. I actually love the place, the people are awesome, there is some amazing scenery and coastline, more amazing bars and best of all, I came from there so it has to be good!
Believe it or not there are some places that I haven't visited too (so that's why it can be on my bucket list!!).
If you do Visit you have to go to places like: The Giant's causeway, The Antrim coast, Downhill/Magilligan and of course for Craic, beer and banter- Belfast!
I have such love for this place and it's so handy as it's a 45 minute flight from Leeds and you don't have to change currency or pay extra data or phone charges.

Number 2. Now this is a little farther from home- Thailand.


Maya Bay

So this is one I am definitely living Vicariously so thanks to my Friend Verity for the photo's.
I know so many people who have been to Thailand and keep going back. The Islands (I'm told Phi Phi?) look spectacular, Bangkok looks like a really interesting and amazing city.
My friend's wife is Thai and they go back every year and he cannot say enough good things about the place so it's definitely somewhere I want to go.

And Lastly, Number 1 then is somewhere that has stolen my heart on film, TV and YouTube.
I genuinely do believe I should be living there (yes I'm a loon). NEW YORK baby!

I just love the idea of all the excitement, the hustle and bustle of day to day. Not to mention the shopping (Sephora baby!), the restaurants, the bars, the lights, the photo opportunities (yes I'm a blogger through and through).
I'd love to visit all the tourist attractions like Central Park, Statue of Liberty etc but I mostly want to just walk around (and buy makeup).
My friend Lucy (from whom I borrowed these pics) moved there around the time I moved to Leeds and I've been threatening to go ever since and never have. Maybe I should start a #getLauratoNewYork to inspire me.

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