Sunday, 12 April 2015

Brand Focus: Star Gazer- Glitter Glitter Everywhere

Hello Folks! Todays post is a little review/demo on some gorgeous products that Stargazer kindly sent me for consideration.
Stargazer are a brand I don't hear mentioned too often but they bring some really gorgeous, affordable colour cosmetics to the table and I thought that you guys deserved to know that, so here goes:

Starlight Glitter Shakers:

Stargazer have brought out a new range of holographic glitters which can be used on face, hair, body wherever, (well maybe not there you naughty lot!)
They sent me two to try and they are both gorgeous:

Left- Pink Nebula. Right- Mars Crimson
These are priced at £3.50 which is a steal when you consider how much a mac pigment is.

I used the Pink one as a glitter liner here mixed with lash glue and it worked really well:

Mind my unsmiling pose face but isn't it gorgeous.

I used the Crimson over the top of another product I'm going to show next to get this rather amazing glitter lip:

Semi Permanent Lip Stain:

I'm going to get straight to the point, I tricking love this stuff. They sent me two colours Number 09 a gorgeous red colour and number 11 a deep berry pink colour (the one under the glitter above).

As you can see from above, these have a really interesting marker pen tip, in the shape of a lipstick. They last for a really long time on the lips and they didn't dry my lips out. The colours are also beautiful and I really want more!!
They are also only £4.00

On the left is shade 11 with a little gloss in the centre of my lips and on the right is what it was like after about 2 hours and eating 2 slices of pizza and drinking a glass of water. Held up pretty fantastically id say.


They also sent me two of their regular lipsticks. When I say regular, one of the colours certainly was more irregular- it was green! Now I'm all for out there lips but I thought green might be a step to far, even for me!
They also sent me a lovely true red colour that I look forward to trying.
I don't know what I was expecting from the lipstick but I have to say it wasn't my favourite formula, it was a bit waxy and slightly patchy on first application but it did build up to quite a mossy green colour:

This would definitely be perfect for St Patricks day, intact I'm already planning a video around it for next year but it would also be great for halloween.

So there you have it, my first impressions on some fab Stargazer bits. If you want to see me use some of them in a festival inspired makeup look click here or below.

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