Monday, 13 April 2015

A walk down Memory Lane from Bebo (cringe)

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd do a little silly post today. This is inspired by Sean Connelly from the Sonic Screw on Youtube but I wasn't quite brave enough to do a video so you're getting a post.
Check his video here he is class!

Bebo has made a comeback with a very odd app (see it here) which is far removed from the addictive social media site which took a lot of my time up before I discovered Facebook and, subsequently, twitter.

All is not lost, Bebo have kindly (or not so kindly) offered old users a delve into the archives of photos so I downloaded mine and thought I'd share some of them with you so you can laugh and I can cringe.

Me and one of my besties Michaela (only just) Yes I have a long tongue..

One of the first pics of me and Matthew aw aint we cute and young, oh how young....

Went through a little Richard Hammond Obsession didn't I lol

My wee hamster Binx (RIP)

Me and one of my Besties Theresa We have been on a brow journey I can tell you...

Me on a night out (prob 2009) 

Me and another bestie Bridget (Ye of many nicknames)

I love this man, he is beautiful!! - Nicky from Westlife at one of my many Westlife concerts

Bridget and me again

Me and Michaela in Donegal 2008 We rocked Bundoran midweek... 

Michaela, me and Bridget in Donegal 2008 again aww 

No idea where my brows are or what's going on with my face.

Andrea and Me- Uni Christmas night 2008 I think. I loved the tan back then.. kind of miss it!

A very blurry Me and Ciara (another of my besties) On my 20th Birthday

Yup, I had some vodka and I used to do this face as it reminded me of Reese Witherspoon in Cruel intentions (smoggers you will get this)

Me and Theresa in Dormans I think. I miss my blonde hair.

Me and Colin, I think we'd had a few... sense a theme?

Trying to Lick my elbow, as ye do!

Me and Ciara a long time ago, Ciara looks very happy lol.

At a Hen Do... god love that poor blow up man

A random leg pic, standard 

Yup... That's me wearing a fake arse... Night out freebies

And again!

Me and my wee binx again.

So there you go, I hope you've enjoyed seeing my trip down memory lane. There are more so I could so a second post if you want to see them? Let me know in the comments below.

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