Sunday, 1 March 2015

What's In my Bag

Hi Folks,

I've been slightly uninspired of late to write blogposts. I'm still enjoying my weekly YouTube video so I thought I'd share today's video with you and tell you that I have two posts in plan for this week and I have tomorrow off so I'm going to try to rekindle my passion for this little space on the internet.

So today's (as you can tell from the title) is a what's in my bag video.

The bag itself...

This bag is probably one of my favourite bags that I've ever owned.
Ir's the 'Weave Front Panel Tote Bag' from next (here) and it was £34. I love that it's black and white and has the pattern on the front that isn't too in your face or garish. I also love the winged details, it reminds me of a Chloe Bag but obviously a fraction of the price.

I recently posted a photo on Instagram and had quite a few comments of approval which is always nice. I'm not the biggest fashionista in the world but I do love a good handbag.

So I'll stop talking about the bag now and let you in to see what random crap I keep inside.... (or click here from a mobile)