Sunday, 29 March 2015

Timeless Truth Charcoal Detox Sheet Mask Review

So recently I've been slacking on the old face mask front, this has resulted in lingering spots and generally annoying pores.

I keep seeing sheet masks everywhere so when the lovely people at gave me the opportunity to review one of theirs, I jumped at the chance.

I got to pick whichever one I wanted and given the state of my skin, I chose the Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask (£4.90)

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The website claims the following:

'A breakthrough in skincare technology using a totally unique and patented Timeless Truth Functionality Cloth that instantly brightens, smoothes, firms and hydrates the skin. The black powder Impregnated in the cloth is the product of Moso Bamboo Charcoal Extract created at a very high temperature (around 800℃). This particular powder has been proven to be highly absorbent and deep cleansing.

SKIN TYPE: Ideal for those with congested skin or those who live in high pollution areas.

BENEFITS: Brightening (prevent dark pigment), Reduce Freckles, Moisturising, Soft Glowing Skin'

The experience

So I have not done a sheet mask in a very long time so it was a very different experience to my normal slap on the product, let it dry and wash/peel it off. It was actually so much better.

The mask came absolutely drenched in the gel like product and there would have been enough left over to apply to my face again. The packaging did say that you could spread it over your neck and chest or use it again.

The mask had plastic covering on the underside which you had to peel off before applying to your face and the cut outs and size of the mask was perfect for adhering to the contours of your face.

They say you can put in the fridge for a nice cooling experience or put the sachet in warm water for a warm, soothing feeling but I'm way to lazy for either and my flat was cold enough for it to be nice and cooling.

No let's take a look at me wearing it....

Yup I do look completely mental....

The instructions said that you keep it on for 15/20 minutes so I did this, it was a great time to stick on some calming music and just take some time to myself.

I'd love to do this with a group of girls as I think it would be a laugh, my boyfriend certainly had a chuckle when he saw me. 

The result

I didn't take a before and after as I thought it wouldn't work straight away and I wanted to save you my naked face but the biggest difference I noticed was the pores in my nose.

I do get congested pores which are a pain in the backside and they look enlarged and ugly but an hour or two after removing this mask I was really pleased to see they looked visibly clearer and smaller.
Another thing I noticed was that the scarring from old spots had dulled and my more fresh spots had gone down in size.

Overall, I really liked this mask, I found using it really pleasant and a nice calming experience and it really did do something for my skin. 
The only issue I'd have is paying £4.90 for one face mask but it would be worth it maybe on a monthly basis for a treat or it would make a really nice gift as part of a pamper hamper or a girly night in.

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