Sunday, 8 March 2015

International Women's Day- Female Inspiration

So when I was thinking about what to post today, Kellie from Big Fashionista (ballsy, hilarious and lovely blogger) said why not write about International Women's day? My immediate reaction was... I'm not all that sure it means much to me, what would I write about? But then I got to thinking about all the strong, fabulous women in my life and I thought why not write a post celebrating them so here it is:

There are so many celebrities I admire, shrewd business women, bloggers and YouTubers but this post is about the unsung heroines in my life.

I couldn't start off with anyone else but My Mother

Growing up we didn't have an awful lot but my Mammy always made sure that I had everything and never felt like I was missing out, she made my childhood tonnes of fun and was my best friend. She raised 5 (pretty great, if I do say so myself) children and had to face losing a child to cancer aged 13. She's gone through health problem after health problem and recently we nearly lost her but she is the biggest fighter I know and I'm so proud of her and lucky to still have her.

My Sister

My sister is one of my biggest career inspirations. She is my go to gal for all things work and has helped me a lot with anxiety and just in general. I rarely tell her how much of an inspiration she really is to me as we are not that kind of mushy lovey dovey family and I play my annoying baby sister role very well. She has been very successful in her career in a male dominated industry and, like my mum, she has had numerous personal hurdles to overcome. She also is a much better writer than I am (check her blog here) although I'm definitely better looking ;).

My Boss

My boss is the kind of person who always stands up for what is right. She constantly triumphs over adversity, is the most ballsy woman I know and stands out among a lot of her male counterparts. She is also passionate, compassionate, thoughtful and caring. I admire her a lot. 

And not to sound arrogant, I need to celebrate Myself.

I'm not saying I've had a hard life or I've had a lot of barriers but I do struggle with anxiety and there was a time where I let it stop me doing things I love or anything that scared me even a little (which was everything). I'm fighting every day to overcome this and my blog helps me do this. I try at least every week to do something that scares me be that going to an event or as little as getting a bus I don't know and I'm proud that I've been able to do everything I've put my mind to.

I think we all need to celebrate ourselves and each other a little more, not just on this day but everyday. Tell your inspirations that they are just that, write a blogpost, send them a text, do what you can to celebrate yourself and each other because let's face it, we are pretty awesome.

Who is your biggest female inspiration? I'd love to know. 

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