Sunday, 4 January 2015

What's In my travel Makeup Bag (Christmas in Northern Ireland)

So I know I've done a post very similar to this before but my faves and picks have changed so I thought I'd give you a look into what I brought back home with me for Christmas to try to make myself pretty!

So as I was flying, I had to carry my liquids in this little plastic bag and used the zip bag that came with my pink GHD (RIP) to house my brushes and powders.

Lets delve into the plastic bag:

Face Products

The three little pots on the top left housed; cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser. Always a good idea to decant anything you can into little pots to save space and weight.

Foundation: My everyday foundation- Rimmel Lasting Finish 24 hour nude- love the stuff.

Concealer: Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. That was a more recent purchase and so far so good.

Primer: Nivea Express Hydration Primer. This is the only primer I will use at the minute. I'd normally put it into a smaller pot but I'd run out and brought this back with me.

Lip Products

This was probably my biggest achievement, I only brought two lip colours and a balm.

Balm: Body Shop Raspberry Born Lippy lipbalm.

Pink: MAC Girl About Town. This is a gorgeous blue toned pink that I mixed with the balm to get a softer colour during the day.

Red: Well you can't have Christmas without a red and this is the Rimmel Apocalips Matte in Meteroric Matte. A deep, berry red and it lasts really well too.


Mascara: Benefit They're Real of course! Holy Grail Mascara, not much else to say.

Primer: I always need a primer and this one was small and I wanted to try it out a bit more. It's the Korres Anti-age eye primer. It was sent to me when I ordered something else from Cohorted and I'm still not sure about it.

Now that's the liquids done, lets move on to powder and brushes.


I only brought one palette!! Can you believe it? This has my brow powder (tease) and several eye options rolled into one. Can't go wrong really.


Bronzer: Hoola by Benefit. I hadn't tried it out before taking it on this trip but I really am enjoying it and it's nice to warm up your eyes too.

Blush: My trusty Sleek Rose Gold blush. I love this because it's not too much, has a lovely amount of sheen, is a nice flattering colour. Not much else to be said really.

Highlight: Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked highlighter in Golden lights. Again this was something I was wanting to try a bit more, it's a very pale frost white with golden shimmer, I still haven't made my mind up on it.

Powder: My trusty Rimmel Stay Matte to keep my shiny T-Zone at bay.

And Lastly...


So My essentials are:

Buffing brush: I use the real techniques one for my foundation and love it.

Powder Brush: I use the RT Blush brush for this, can also be used for bronzer or blush.

Blush Brush: I use the MUA Stippling brush as I like how it applies blush.

Flat shader: I had this senna one, for packing on colour on your eyelids

blending brush: I had this Ebay one, very handy and you can use all over your eye in a pinch.

Angled Brush: I brought two as I use one on my brows and one with a black eyeshadow as a liner.

Optional are the two little small kabuki style brushes- good for concealer, highlight, very precise powdering or even blending eyeshadow too.

There you have it, hope you've enjoyed your delve into my makeup bag(s). Let me know what your travel essentials are for my next trip please.
If you want to hear me talk and see the products being touched (weird lol) then click here or on the video below

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