Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Blogmas Day Two: Deck The Halls

Hi guys. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post. Let me know if there is anything you'd like to see.

Today's post is a continuation from my Poundland haul. I thought you might like to see what I did with my Decorations so this is more picture heavy than yesterday so here goes:

This is my lazy person's Christmas tree. It comes with baubles attached and it's fibre optic. I only live in a flat so a bit giant tree would swamp the place. Also it was free as the people before us left it but I really like it (ignore my shredder beside it haha!):

Percy the Penguin. I named him myself as you lot didn't help me! He's just hung on one of the wee sucky do days on the French doors in out living room. I think he likes it there.

Benjamin the Snowman. Previously known as Sam but one of my subscribers on YouTube Named him. He's hung on the living room door handle.

Noel Sign. This is just on our Kitchen window sill. Not many decs in there and it went with the blue tiles.

Christmas sign. Just on our dining table. We rarely use it to dine. It's more my makeup table really as it's in the living room (joys of renting) just thought I'd dress it up. I've added my little star fairy lights around it too.

Wooden Star (or pentagram as Matthew calls it) this is on the spare room door as my friend was staying but it will be moved to the front door soon.

Rudolph lights. Hung around the picture in our living room. I thought the colours went well and I think these may be my faves.

Tinsel. No Christmas Decorations are complete without acme tinsel. I love it over the TV when I watch a Christmas film so that's where it is.

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