Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Blogmas Day Ten- My Chill Day Routine

So I failed as a blogger yesterday guys. I was working all day then I went out on my Christmas do straight after work and didn't plan a post of anything so I didn't put one up. Bad Laura!

I'm kind of running out of festive ideas at the moment and I'm hungover so I thought i'd show you how I roll on a mid week day off when my other half is at work. Kinda like a daily vlog but in blog format...

Wake Up!!

"Well of course you wake up", some might cry. But to that I say "note the time!". I normally have my alarm set for 6am but on my chill out day I like to have a nice lay in and wake up around 9:30/10.

Fart Around

Yes this is the technically term and no I don't mean passing wind. This is the time where I don't quite know what I've been doing but I do know I'm no further on with my day. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube all in the comfort of my bed.

Have a shower

This is optional. It's most appealing when you have been out the night before and are 1) Hanging and 2) Still wearing some of last night's makeup/club stamp/stink of any sort.


Again for me another optional one. Take this morning, for instance, my breakfast was a 1 finger twix. I just can't usually be bothered with breakfast at 10/11am when lunchtime is around the corner.

Film a Video/Blog

This is usually the most productive it gets for me all day. I usually film a video as it's quiet and peaceful in the flat. Like now, I've filmed a video and now I'm in full makeup and PJ bottoms and a sparkly jumper sat in bed writing this. Oh the glamour!


Because one has to eat. I'd be quite content with chocolate and crisps all day but apparently that is frowned upon so a massive bowl of carbs is the next best thing. Today it was spaghetti and red pepper pesto which was sooooo good.

General Entertainment

This is the portion of the day between about 2pm and 4:30 where I catch up on blogs, YouTube videos or TV that I have missed and by gum and by golly it is glorious. There is usually some sort of beverage (usually Pepsi Max) and chocolate involved.


I put a question mark because in my YouTube hole that I tend to fall down, dinner is a faraway thought and it's usually a text from my other half that prompts me to remember. I do like to cook so I usually throw something together or if I'm particularly chilled (hungover) maybe a takeaway is ordered.

Matthew Gets Home

This is where it ends, I'm no longer alone! Don't get me wrong, I love my fella but I can't help but think he's spoiling my fun for the first five minutes he is home. I get over it quickly and we just while away the evening together.

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into me. It's a bit random but I like to know what others get up to on their chilled days. so thought some people might like to know mine Let me know what you get up to in the comments below.

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