Monday, 1 December 2014

Blogmas Day One: Christmas Music

So guys. I said last night that I wouldn't be doing Blogmas as I couldn't commit the time and the light wasn't good enough for daily pics etc etc. Then I thought to myself well why do you blog? For fun- so catch yoursel on! Blogmas is about Christmas cheer, a bit of fun for me and hopefully bringing you along on my build up to Christmas. So, on a whim, about an hour ago while walking to the bus stop I decided; 'why the hell not?!'

Christmas Decorations at The Light Leeds. Ain't it pretty?

I will put it out there that these won't be long, thought out posts. They will be tidbits from my Christmas build up with phone pics dotted around and the odd full length (Sunday) post in there too. It may sometimes be beauty or sometimes not and it may not be daily or perfect but it will be heart felt, spontaneous (the majority of this was written on my phone at the bus stop) and, hopefully, fun for you!
So that out of the way let's get on with today's post.
At 6am this morning I leapt out of bed (OK, crawled) singing Christmas songs. This is how I knew December had hit, it's like a switch flicked and my brain knew Christmas was on it's way.
One particular song has been in my head all day and I wouldn't even say it's my fave but for today I'll share my innermost thoughts and let you in on my the Christmas song with which I've been driving my colleagues mad: Elton John Step into Christmas (link)

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