Sunday, 23 November 2014

Face Theory M4 Anti Ageing Moisturiser Review

So you wait weeks for a review and two come along at once!
Today is the turn of the Face Theory Anti Ageing Moisturiser.

Face Theory is a New company, fully launching on 26th February, who provide quality skincare which is not tested on Animals, has no PEGs, parabens, perfumes or silicates so is great for sensitive skin.
In order to figure out which product combination will suit you, they have a skincare questionnaire upfront to determine this- I really liked that.

So on to the product itself.

I was sent a little sample pot so I can't really tell you about the full sized packaging, although the website does say that it will come in a touch free, airless packaging meaning that it can keep well without them adding preservatives- a plus in my book.
My little sample was in a really handy wee travel pot and it was a decent amount of product- enough to do 2 weeks morning and night.

The Formulation 

The website boasts of this product's 4 active anti-ageing ingredients: Argan Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and Zinc Oxide, it's got an SPF of 25 too which is very good.

The moisturiser is a normal white cream and the consistency is almost like an emollient. That doesn't mean it sits on the skin, it sinks in well and pretty quickly without leaving a residue.
It is fragrance free which was good for my sensitive skin but after a while I kind of missed having Fragrance.

The Results

Well this is what you really want to know isn't it?

I have combination skin which can get rather oily in the Tzone but quite dry on the outer perimeter and Jaw line. I don't have many fine lines/wrinkles (the one good thing about carrying weight I think).

I started using this morning and night and when I used it in the morning I felt like my makeup went on nice and smoothly but my oily nose and forehead got oilier more quickly through the day meaning I had to use more powder. I really preferred using it at night as a good, intensive moisturiser.

I felt like it really did help to even out, hydrate and plump my skin over the two weeks I've been using it, as for fine lines and wrinkle, like I said, I can't comment all that much but I do think this is a decent moisturiser and it has staved off my normal, colder weather, dry patches.
The fact that it didn't break my temperamental skin out or make my eyes sting make it a goodun in my book.

Before and After
You can see the before and after in the Pic above. I know that the lighting is different (sorry #bloggerproblems) but I hope you can notice the slight difference in the texture of my skin.

The Full sized product (50ml) is £20 which I think is a good, middle of the road, price for a decent anti ageing, skincare product. It's probably a little more than I normally pay for moisturiser but you can also get your own little 10ml test pot for £4 here

*This was a PR sample sent to me for review. All opinions are my own and not impacted by not having paid for the product.

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