Sunday, 19 October 2014

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Review

This little bad boy has been doing the rounds on blogs and YouTube so when I saw it on Cohorted I had to give it a go (shush I know there are 5 unopened Mascaras in my drawer- it was only £8.39!!).

I've been using benefit's they're real pretty much religiously for the past few months but it has sadly seen better days so it was time to test this out.

The set I got came with a deluxe sample of the white primer called Subversion. I haven't used a white mascara primer dooda since I used to use the Bourgois black and white mascara about 10 years ago so this piqued my interest.


As you can see the packaging is pretty sleek. The mascara itself reminds me of the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. The mini primer is a decent size too. 


The wand for the primer is quite small and not really anything fancy but I suppose it's job is just to coat the lashes for the mascara to cling on.

The mascara wand is a bristly wand as opposed to the plastic I've been used to with they're real. I was a bit apprehensive about this but it worked well. The bristles are different lengths which is good for covering all of your lashes.
It is a large brush but I didn't find it particularly difficult to get onto my lower lashes.

The Effect

Urban Decay say a lot of things about this mascara on their site but the main point is:

Perversion mascara glides on and gets you sexed up in one stroke, yet it won't quit until you say when. Build, separate and define the look of each lash with our ultra black pigment - for bigger, blacker, badder lashes. 

Honestly- who comes up with this? It sounds like I should be tied up and beaten with this mascara as opposed to putting it on my eyes.
One thing I will agree with is that it does give definition and an intense black colour. It also adds volume and length but isn't too clumpy.
The formula itself isn't too wet that it's messy and lumpy but not too dry that it drags through the lashes. A perfect balance.

After 1 coat of primer and 2 of mascara


I've been wearing this every day for over a week now. I put it on in the morning at 6:20 and I take it off at around 19:00 and it doesn't flake or transfer in all that time. I also have an issue with mascara transferring onto my eyelid but this doesn't.

It does clump a tiny bit after about 6 hours but I can handle that.

After 7 hours wear.

All in all I really really like this mascara. I am not sure if I'd pay for the Mascara at £17 and the primer at £16 separately but it is really good. Not sure if it beat's they're real but it is definitely up there and isn't as much of a pain to remove. 

If you want to see me applying it and hear my voice have a look at the video here:

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