Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I Love Autumn/Fall Tag

So I've been tagged by the lovely Linda from bostonbeautybuzz (check her out) to do the I <3 Fall (or Autumn if you are aren't American) Tag so thanks Linda. It's a rather American one so I'll do my best in my own Irish way!

I Tag:

Aine From Aine Beauty
Rebecca from Rougepout
Chloe from Simple Beauty Chatter
Jemma from Dorkface
Katie from Knelblogs

Check them out folks!!

Let's get started:
Favourite Autumn Lip Product:

Has to be this bad boy. It's the Kate Moss for Rimmel in 107. I've been waiting to crack it out for months. It's a great deep red/wine colour which just screams autumn/winter to me.
It looks great with pale skin and it just makes me happy.

Favourite Autumn Nail polish?

Well I like to wear all different kinds of nail polish and don't usually let the seasons determine that. That being said, I am loving deep reds at the moment. Like this one:

It's got a metallic duo-chrome kind of finish with a tinge of gold and it is just gorgeous topped with a glossy topcoat.

Favourite Autumn Starbucks Drink

I'm a bit of a creature of Habit with Starbucks. We have a counter in our work and in summer I like to get Caramel Creme and in Autumn/Winter I get a Skinny Caramel Latte mmm...

Favourite Autumn Candle

Simple answer is- I don't have any 'fall' candles at the minute- excuse to go shopping? Some suggestions for cheap but nice candles in the UK would be good. I like spicy vanilla kind of scents.

Favourite Autumn Accessory

It's My blue Scarf from next with black stars all over. It was from last year. The same at the one below but blue.

Haunted House or Haunted Hay Ride?

I have no idea what a haunted hay ride is but I am such a woose so I'll go with neither! My other half would love to buy a haunted house but I'd have to leave him! 

Favourite Halloween Movie

My Favourite Halloween Film and probably favourite all time film is Hocus Pocus. I could honestly say about 95% of the words along with the film and I quote it in everyday life! 

Favourite Candy to eat on Halloween

So I've cheated a wee bit here as this is not technically a 'candy' but I'm claiming a language barrier. These are solo good. Mr Kipling Fiendish Fancies.

Favourite Thing about Autumn

I've always been more of a cold weather person so I like that the leaves are coming off the trees, there is a nip in the air and you can get all cosy at night and not feel guilty for snuggling under a blanket. I also love the darker, more vampy makeup that you can get away with. I love Halloween as well.

So there you have it- my Autumn/Fall tag. I hope you've enjoyed it! I have tagged a few people but if you want to feel free to do it!

Later Dude, See ya Hollywood. (Hocus Pocus reference)

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