Thursday, 9 October 2014

Allertons Salon Leeds Bblogger Event

Hi guys- I've been a wee bit AWOL for a couple of days- been very tired and not really myself and I haven't been tweeting links or posting or anything so I thought it was about time I gave myself a kick and posted.

Allerton's in Leeds (you've seen me post before here) kindly invited me to their Beauty Blogger day to celebrate the introduction of their gel nails and really everything beauty under one roof.
They Now do all things hair, massage, waxing, makeup- everything as I said above.

I had a slot from 4-6pm and arrived in typical me timing at 3:30pm but I was greeted and thanked all the same.

First to get pampered was my hair- the lovely Katie saw my red lipstick and had a vision- vintage waves. She got to work and at times the sights weren't pretty:

But she persevered; blow-dried, tonged and pin curled my hair, using some American crew sea salt spray to give texture and some lovely serum to keep the shine. That's the thing about this salon is that they use such great quality products and you can see a difference.

While my pin curls cooled I went to get my makeup done by Jo who had come up from London from Paul and Joe the, the beautifully packaged (and very good quality) cosmetic company. Allertons already carry the range (below) and it is quite exclusive up North.

This is where it was the first time I was in.

So Jo got to work on my face, removing the makeup I had flung on earlier and expertly applying the gorgeous Paul and Joe stuff while we chatted away freely. I really wanted to get more pictures but one minute she was putting on my eyeliner and the next minute I was on the verge of a panic attack and all I wanted to do was get the pins out of my hair and get home- stupid anxiety.

Can I also just say it was nothing to do with Allertons or Jo but just my anxiety and they were so lovely to me even though I felt like the biggest diva ever. Jo was absolutely amazing about it and got me water and all- see diva! 

So I calmed a bit and got the pins taken out. Katie did her thang and here was my finished hair and makeup:

Classy Bus Stop Selfie
You can't really see it here but I really love their eyeshadow it just looks so rich and shimmery and gorgeous.

There was also a lovely lady on hand (see what I did there) to do our nails. I was really looking forward to this but I had to go before I got a chance- boo! 

At the end we were given a lovely little goody bag containing the cutest darn minis you have ever seen in your life from Paul and Joe in a gorgeous little makeup bag as well as some samples from Shu Umuera Hair and Caudalie.

Thanks again Allertons! I'd really recommend checking this place out if you want a really nice city centre salon, full of genuine people who know what they are doing and who stock exclusive beauty and haircare.
 It was lovely to get pampered and also to see some of the other lovely beauty bloggers I've met before like Yuna from Stray arrows, Pheobe from Flawless Flare and Jenna From Hepcatblogs- check them out!

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