Sunday, 10 August 2014

Top Travel Makeup Bag Tips

Here there and everywhere I have seen what's in my travel makeup bag, travel essentials etc all summer so I thought I'd show you my 'what I take on a long weekend home not abroad just in northern Ireland and I like to take it all in my hand luggage so what?' but that was a kind of long title so I stuck with a what's in my travel makeup bag!

As you read this I will be back home for friend's wedding. I also went home about 6 weeks ago for my
best friend's wedding (post here) and I took sooo much stuff. Stuff that I did not
need nor did I use the half of it.

Here is what I'm taking

Instead of rambling on about every bit I am taking I thought I'd give you some of my top tips:

1) This is number one for a reason: Get rid of the what ifs. If you wear a natural eye on a day to day basis
then why in under god would you need to take the makeup revolution acid brights palette? Yes- I did this last time.

2) Buy those wee jars off eBay/amazon. The ones I got are here: they are really sturdy, inexpensive, hold more than enough product for at least a week away
and I think they are cute

3) Take multifunctional/use products. Now this is kind of a long one so I'll give you some of what I'm doing:
a I have a few brushes in the pics one of which is an MUA contour brush that I can use for a blush or bronzer brush,
 b.I'm taking one 'do it all' palette- I'll use this as eyeshadow, highlight and liner
 c.The little soap and glory kick ass concealer- this has 2 tones of concealer- 1 for undereyes and one for blemishes as well as a blotting powder that I can use all over if necessary and
d.Lastly also see that I have a couple of lip products- you can mix and match them to create a different shade/look. That brings me to number 4

4) A natural lip liner- now you can skip this part if you don't use lip liner- but a your lip colour type liner can be paired with
any lip colour so it saves you bringing different colours

5) A coloured liner- if you do like to change things up a bit- a coloured liner is a great, time and space efficient
way to do it- no bulky palettes or eyeshadows.

6) Minis- now this one is obvious. I did buy the little pots but you can get some great little mini everything in Superdrug
and boots so go for it.

7) Lipbalm- Especially if you are travelling on a plane it dries your lips out something shocking. If you take a tinted
it's a great way of cutting down how many lip colours you take

8) A brush wrap- so handy for holding all your brushes together and keeping them safe- I got this one on ebay with a wee set of brushes.

9) An old Glossybox box. These things are so sturdy, they keep your palettes and breakables safe. I especially recommend this if you use a soft suitcase or holdall. If you don't have one a shoebox would do.

10) Last but not least Wipes (not pictured as I need to buy some) now we know that people say 'aaargh hiss booo wipes are the devil' and I don't use them on my face on a regular but they are so handy. They are also multi-functional- clearing up makeup mishaps, getting rid of some stains on clothes, wiping hands and freshening up if you feel a bit yucky but if push comes to shove and you are in a pinch you can use them to remove makeup- it's better than nowt!

Disclaimer: This has been written the day before I leave and I can't promise another lipstick won't find it's way into my bag but shush don't tell anyone!

I hope that has been of some use to you. Let me know any of your tips in the comments

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