Friday, 8 August 2014

Nail of the Day/Week - My Perfect Nude by OPI

(originally posted 8/8/14 but had issues with pics)

Sometimes I get fed up of fussy nails and like to keep it simple so this is the theme of this post.

I used my trusty China glaze base coat and poshe topocoat and one of my favourite nailpolishes- OPISteady as she Rose.

Steady as she rose opi

Steady as she Rose is my perfect nude. It's an almost pinky-mauvey blush nude colour (jeez that was a long description!) It's coming off a wee bit more purple in the pic.

I did two coats and my topcoat and this was my finished result:

Looks weird on my index finger not sure why- must be the light oops!

So I know it's not the most interest polish in the world but I love it- especially with a Tan. What do you think?

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