Wednesday, 20 August 2014

First Impressions: Makeup Rumours- Nailpolish Edition

So recently I stumbled upon the new brand Makeup Rumours. It seemed to be everything I love, cute, colour products with a budget price tag so when I was given the opportunity of a £10 voucher to spend on their website I jumped at the chance. I used that and spent a bit of my own money and got a bunch of things to show you guys!

First thing I wanted to show you was the nail stuff- purely because that's what I wanted to try first!
They have a load of nail polish on the site- full sized bottles, nail art pens, glitter etc but what caught my eye were these sets of 5 mini polishes.

I thought they were wile cute wee things and it gave me a chance to try a few colours.
This is the Fashion Collection and the pastels collection.

Makeup Rumours Pastels collection
Pastels Collection

Makeup Rumours Fashion Collection
Fashion Collection


For the 5 mini bottles each of these packs cost £1.50 which is an absolute bargain.


These are a really good bunch of colours, nice and varied, vibrant and pretty.


The wee bottles are cute but the external packaging and labels aren't anything to write home about. I do, however,like the Pink Tease logo.


Today was the first time I used the polishes and I used the pink and the nude from the fashion collection. They went on really smoothly, not like some other cheap polishes I have used, they were really opaque and creamy-  in fact I only used one coat (topped with Poshe topcoat) to get this:


The downside to this polish Lays within the scent. The smell is really strong, plasticy and cheap which put me off a bit but won't stop me using them- maybe just open a window. 


I can't tell you how long it lasts as I only put it on today but I find that any nail polish I wear is only as good as my topcoat (you can get it here) and I always use the same topcoat.

And Finally...

Overall I was actually really impressed with the polish- fumes aside. I'd definitely get more if I was in the market for more nail polish and there are loads more to chose from. 

Because I spent a wee bit of my own money Makeup Rumours gave me a code for you guys. Use the code loz10off here to get 10% off your whole order. But to be honest they keep having like 50% or 75% sales so use that instead to save yourself more if it's available.

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