Friday, 18 July 2014

Nanshy Brush-Review

You may or may not know that I love a good makeup brush, especially when it comes to eye brushes, I love a smokey eye, bright eye, neutral eye- all of it! So when it comes to blending brushes I can never have too many.
Because of this, when the lovely people at Nanshy were offering, on Twitter, to send a brush to bloggers for review I jumped at the chance!

They sent me the blending brush and can we just take a minute to admire the packaging?

nanshy blending brush

It comes in it's own wee satiny pouch- how fancy!

The brush itself has a sturdy wooden handle with the name imprinted on it. It's quite small, making it perfect to just fling in your makeup bag/handbag so great for travel.

The bristles are really dense but also really soft.

I expected it to be more round or domed than it actually is like my normal blending brushes but this is quite flat and reminds me a bit of the real techniques base shadow brush.

The brush picks up a really decent amount of product and this, coupled with the flatter shape makes it multi functional and a good all round eye brush.

I've used it for both all over shadow and blending in the crease and I do prefer it as an all over shadow brush- I have brushes that work better in the crease. However I will say that it is great at blending and softening the edges of any shadow.

natural eye makeup
Used as all over shadow and blend in the crease
So all in all It's a nice all rounder eye crush, it picks up a lovely amount of product, it blends edges nicely, it's well put together and soft and best of all really affordable. Plus I got another one in my Blog Yorkshire meetup goody bag!!

This brush (the larger full sized version) is part of the new Masterful Collection that is being released very soon- Check it out here!!


  1. Looks really cute! Does it wash well?

    1. I only gave it a wee rinse before I used it but it didn't shed so I'm hopeful! Xx