Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nail of the Day- Sunny Polkadots How To ft OPI and Models Own

The sun is shining everything is bright, apart from my nails.. that is untill I took a notion of doing something with them today.

I thought what better to celebrate the sun than yellow so I decided to use the following polishes-

opi I just can't copacabana

Not only has the sun had an effect on my nails, it has also had an effect on my polishes so they were very runny and a bit harder to work with so forgive me!

I decided to create a dotty design because of course yellow wasn't enough to look at.

I first took my base coat- China glaze first and last and added one coat.
I followed that with two coats of the yellow-OPI 'I just can't copacabana' a bright but almost pastel yellow from the Brazil collection.

opi I just can't copacabana

I allowed them to dry for a couple of minutes... you can speed it up apparently by blowing on them... lol.

I then took my dotting tool with a medium sized end

And a splodge of white polish- Hypergel by Model's own. I usually use any sort of unused paper for this like adverts and takeaway menus. In this case it is a nice Amazon leaflet!

model's own hypergel white

I then dipped my dotting tool in the polish and got to work.
Now I'm not the neatest of people so for me it doesn't have to be in any order or exactly the same or even perfect dots. I just dab on in which ever way I fancy.

I then add a generous coat of fast drying topcoat- mine is from Poshe. This helps to smooth any lumps and bumps, make it glossy, dry quicker and of course last longer.

So here is the finished product.

Summer nail art polkadot

I hope you like it. Kind of reminds me of Mark Jacobs honey perfume bottle. Will you be recreating it?


  1. This is really pretty! Perfect for summer. I love the yellow.

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  3. Love your nails,so pretty!:)Keep in touch xoxo