Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Nail of the Day- Soigné and B. Nailpolish

It's been a fair wee while since I put a nail of the day up, either a pic on Instragram or indeed a post so I thought I'd flash my digits at you today!

I used 2 polishes that I got in beauty boxes. The Orange Soigné polish came from a Birchbox and this was the first time I used it and the glitter came from the Superdrug collab with Glossybox.

L-R Poshe Fast Dry Topcoat, China glaze first and last top/base coat, B,Quick One coat in Precious, Soigné Persimmon

I started with the China Glaze as a base.
 I wanted something bright and summery, I hadn't tried the Soigné polish yet so I thought it was perfect. The polish applied beautifully and I only used one coat.
I decided I wanted a wee lift and something extra so I took some inspiration from Miss Jen Fabulous and added something extra to the tips (not sure what else to call it lol).

This is what I came up with

Obligatory claw shot
Mind the attempted rubbed off swatch on my hand

What do you think? I like it, it's fun and bright and happy!

What are you loving on your nails at the minute? What's your summer staple? Let me know in the comments!