Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Trip Back Home to Northern Ireland Pt2- Best Friend's wedding

So I posted on Tuesday the lead up to the wedding, arriving in Northern Ireland, fun times from the Thusday Night so I thought I'd share the rest of my trip in photo's with you as well.

I just wanted to also say (in case she reads my blogs) That Ciara, my bestest friend, looked stunning and that her and her new hubby are the most suited, perfect couple I've ever known, two pea's in a pod (or pieces of a Jigsaw as smog would say). This post is really for me to have the photo's in one place but if you are nosy like me then I hope you enjoy! 

Wouldn't be a blog post without me posing
My Makeup of the Day- I was quite pleased.

My wee daddy taking a selfie while trying to get a photo of us
Me Fiddling with a camera as usual.
Me and Matthew (looking suitable uncomfotable- he hates photos)
L-R Chrissy, Michaela, Bridget (smog) and Matthew
Mic, Smog and Me Again

The Groom from Afar (Mark or Pat if you know him)

Looking cool as a cucumber
The Actual Wedding

looking lovingly at her new husband lol

Dress Shot- it was gorgeous

Mark and the wee Flowegirl

Me and Smog en route

Me and Matthew en Route

Just Arrived

Kate and Mickey (Bride's Parents)
Mic, Smog and Me (looking like the side of a house in ruffles lol)

Just Arrived

Table Plan

The Reception Room

Ursula and Paula

Bridemaids Aimee and Claire

Obligatory Food Shot

Cutting the (fricking amazing) cake

First Dance!

Daddy Daughter Dance- On my 10th Cry by then probs

L-R Smog, Me, Mic, Ursula and Aimee

Ciara and Matthew

Matthew and Me

This epitomises the happy couple really!

So there you have it. Some of the lots of Pics I took! Hope you enjoyed them!

If you want to see more check out my vlog here:

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