Sunday, 6 July 2014

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Sugar and Spice- Review and Swatches

I feel like I haven't done a proper beauty review in ages and I have so many things that i Could review so you might be seeing a few more of these in the coming weeks. Also I'm on a spending ban this month so anything you see was purchased a few weeks ago.

That out of the way, I wanted to show you the Newish Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice (£6). It's part of their newer releases and 1 of 2 blush palettes that they released. And of course being the beauty Junkie that I am, I just had to have it (along with many other things from the range-oops!)


The packaging is very similar to the other products in that it is black plastic but what differs from the first release of palettes (eyeshadow) is that there is no clear top and there is a full sized mirror in the lid, it also comes with a nice cardboard outside that I have obviously gotten rid of (sorry). I love products with a mirror- partially because I'm vein as fook but also because It's handy when you are on the go and I've had a few trips back home planned. It does feel a bit more luxurious than the eyeshadow palettes I first got and it has nice gold writing on the top, the only thing is, it does scratch very easily as you can see from the picture (oops bad blogger). It is thin and sleek, making it perfect for travel.


The palette comes with 8 shades. It has two sort of highlight shimmer shades- one quite white and one pink,  a couple of sheeny-shimmers and a couple of matte shades. It goes from light into bright pinks and ends with more peachy, taupe or berry tones. It really gives a diverse range of shades and if, like me, you like to switch up your blush then I really think you'd love this.

makeup revolution sugar and spice blush palette

makeup revolution sugar and spice blush palette

Formulation and Pigmentation

The Formulation of these vary, some are very smooth and buttery- the highlight shades especially, but some come darker ones off a wee tiny bit chalky (the more matte shades). Regardless of this, the colours are very blendable. The pigmentation is strong, obviously not so much in the highlight shades, but again they are very blendable, I literally touched my elf stippling brush into one of the middle bright pink shades (top row, second from left-my fave!) , placed it on my face and thought holy moly I can't go out like this! But with a few wee swipes around, it blended nicely into my cheeks leaving a lovely colour, a nice healthy sheen (not glitter) and lasted all day.

makeup revolution sugar and spice blush palette
Swatches in natural light (not very bright out)
makeup revolution sugar and spice blush palette
More close up and in brighter light

Overall I really really like this, Makeup Revolution seems to do powder products really well. It was the only blush I brought on my last trip home to Northern Ireland in my hand luggage, I love how the blush applies, I love the variety in shades and formulation and I love the pigmentation. All in all it's a really great, good value product.

Hope you have enjoyed my review and it's given you an idea of what the Palette is like. Let me know what you think of Makeup Revolution stuff or if there is anything else you want me to review.


  1. I just ordered this palette and I'm now even more excited for it to arrive. The pigmentation looks awesome!

    Alicia (

  2. I put this is my order, looks gorgeous!