Monday, 21 July 2014

GlossyBox July 2014 Unboxing

So this month's box is a 4th July American themed box. Can I start by saying, I only got this on Thursday (17th July) I'd much prefer it earlier in the month Glossybox if you are listening.

That aside, I really love the packaging this month with the stars and stripes. I had a few wee sneak peaks (Naughty Laura!) at other people's reviews so I kind of know what to expect but let's see what treasures lay inside my version...

So we have 5 full or decent sample sized products- nice work Glossybox!

First up we have this Carmex Lip balm

I used to use this stuff back in the day. It was the 'in' lip balm at my school. I have a lip balm for every bag and surface so although I am interested to use it for nostalgia purposes I'm not jumping for joy. Nice full sized product.

Next up we have this Eyeshadow Primer from Absolute New York

I'd never heard of this brand before but I do love a decent eyeshadow primer so I'm interested to see if this fits the bill. The price tag of $4.99 suggests a drugstore brand and we all know I love my drugstore/budget beauty. I'll report back if I like it or hate it.

A Nail polish up next- Color Club Nail polish in Glossy Seal (is that the colour?)

Subscription boxes tend to supply a fair amount of nail polishes and I believe I have had a mini color club polish before and enjoyed it, however much it does pain me to spell colour without a u haha! This, as you can see, is a dark teal kind of colour, it looks much greener in person (darn sun!). Teal is one of my favourite colours so this is a nice pick for me and it's full sized.

The penultimate item is this 15ml Sample of Juice Beauty Green Apple Moisturiser with SPF15

The wee card that comes with Glossybox gives the price as £35.75 for 50 ml making this worth over £5 (great maths skills there Laura) so it would be a nod towards high end skincare. I've never heard of the brand and that's what I like about these boxes- introduction to new things. I'm looking forward to trying this, probably on my trip back home in a couple of weeks since it's a great size for those wee plastic bags for your hand luggage.

Lastly, the star of the show, Bellapierre Mineral lipstick in Ruby

From the afore mentioned sneak peaks I could see that there was 2 options on this either this Hollywood red kind of colour or an orange and as much as I like to think I can pull off orange, I'm glad I got the red. If, like me, you watch Ipsy and American Birchbox unboxing videos on YouTube, you will have seen this brand crop up lots. It was the one thing I was looking forward to trying in this box and it's worth £20 apparently so that's always a plus.


This was good box, some things that I'm interested to try and good value for money. Well done Glossybox! If you want to sign up and get your own, you can do so using my link Here and I can get some glossydots to redeem against a free box.


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