Sunday, 20 July 2014

Clearing Out My Stash and Reflection

Since I started my blog in February this year I have accumulated a ridiculous amount of beauty products. Some I have bought, some I have got in beauty subscriptions and some from event goody bags (love love love!) but what they all have in common is that they are taking over my flat!!!

Back in simple times (last year) I had one makeup bag, now I can't even fit what I use on a daily basis in one makeup bag (including brushes-i'm not that ugly!).

It drives my other half bonkers finding lipsticks here, blusher there, eyeshadow everywhere so in a bid to make him happy I have decided to sort my stash.

I went in with the intention of being ruthless- 'you won't wear that eyeshadow Laura' said the Angel on my right shoulder, 'but what if you need it for a theme or a look' said the devil on my left. It's surprising how much of an emotional attachment you can build up to lipstick!

In the end up I struck a balance and got rid of this lot:

makeup collection

There is a mix of, duplicates, products I've used once or twice, stuff I know I'll never use and stuff I just plain didn't like (ELF baked palette I'm looking at you!)

I know that I can find them a better home than lurking in my drawers and clearing them out gives me room for the things that I will use (and probably still some I won't)

So there you go! Have you cleared your stash? How ruthless are you? What determines what you keep and what you chuck?
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