Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Blog Yorkshire Blogger Meetup- Festival, Fun and Frollicks

I think I must be among the last to blog about this *raps self over knuckles* but I have just been a bit meh this week- forgive me my trespasses!

So for anyone who doesn't know- I attended a new blogger meetup on Saturday (12/07/2014) which was the first in hopefully a long succession of blogger meetups from what appears to be the beginnings of a Yorkshire blogger network and boy did I have a good time!

yorkshire cupcakes
Gorgeous Cupcakes made by Carrieanne

The event was organised by the lovely Carrieanne from Beauties Unlocked, Faith from Music and Eyeliner and was helped by Keli from Kels Kurls. It was held in Revolution on Call Lane in Leeds (first time in there sober!) and was festival themed.

festival look
My attempt at 'festival'

Faith and Carrieanne (mentioned above)

I was typically anxious about going (stupid anxiety!) but the ladies made sure that everyone was connected on twitter, arranging a twitter chat and linking us with the brands that would be attending and sponsoring- This was really helpful as it linked me up with some people I hadn't met like Tilly from Papercrowned and that really put me at ease.

On arrival we were treated to lanyards with our twitter pics, blog names and names on them along with a very festivaly wristband which I thought was so cool and such a good idea and the lovely people at House of Fraser provided us with mini goody bags featuring brands like Dior and Elizabeth Arden

House of Fraser Goody Bags

In attendance, alongside us bloggers, were some lovely brands:
Allertons Salon, who offered quick hairdos;
ESPA, who offered skincare consultations using our olfactory system (sniffing) and giving beautiful goody bags;
Quiz who gave us really cool dress shaped biscuits;
Country Attire who gave us a really cool festival themed canvas goodie bag containing festival essentials like lipbalm and sunglasses;
Wynsors Shoes who gave us a lovely foot themed goodie bag with nail decals and gel cushions and
The absolutely gorgeous Erene from Pastille was offering dash manicures and I had to jump in first, technically before the event started- oops!

At this point i've noticed lots of words so some pics are in order!
pastille leeds
My Gorgeous Dash Mani From Pastille- mind my sausage fingers
The Dream- A table of dress shaped biscuits

Country Attire's Stand.
Jenna From Hepcat Blogs getting her nails done

Fruit and Sweeties

The gorgeous Georgina from She Might be Loved was on hand to give makeovers to the lucky few, her debut of this kind of thing- she did very well!

Georgina's Kit

In addition to the cupcakes and biscuits, we had some snacks from Urban Fruit and Jelly Belly which went down a storm (what diet? lol)

As well as the brands that attended, we had lots of brands donate prizes for the draw in aid of British Heart foundation like Illamasqua, W7 etc. And although I didn't win, I was really happy for others (yeah right! lol) who did!

Prizes for the Draw
We had some fun and games along the way with a recreation of a challenge I have seen on Youtube- where Sally from Wheeling Along 24, Ellie from Misellyre and Hayley from Teaparty Beauty were blindfolded and had to transfer cotton balls from one bowl to another (on their head) with a spoon. As you can imagine it was very fun to watch.

Sally having a go at the cotton wool challenge

I cannot believe that on my first edit of this post I forgot to mention the actual Blog Yorkshire goodiebags, they were huge! We were truely spoilt!

was fun getting all this home on the bus!

Probably the worst Pic ever on a blog lol!

 There were so many other things on the day and as I was trying to vlog and also enjoy myself, I didn't take as many pics as I would have liked.

The event was so well organised, it went by so quickly but at the same time wasn't so Jam packed that we had no time to mingle! It was so lovely to meet so many people with the same interests as me, to meet people I had chatted to on twitter and see people I had met before. Really, it makes me feel like I'm part of something, a community, for the first time since I moved to Leeds 2 years ago.

So thanks so much to Carrieanne, Faith and Keli, to those who were so lovely (all of you) and I so look forward to many more!


  1. It was so lovely to meet you.

    Fabulous post my love! Xxx

  2. Woop! What an awesome post! Your mani looked stunning - need to get that colour for sure.
    I'm so glad you came (yay!!). See you soon! Xx

    1. Aw thanks Faith!! I know I really want the colour! Would look amazing with a tan I think!
      I'm so glad I went too! And yes I will indeed wee you soon xx

  3. Great blog post hun! It was awesome to see you again :) You've spelt my blog name wrong though, it's Misellyre not Miss Ellyre ;) xx

  4. Thank you so much hun, I'm glad you thought I did well! It was lovely to see you again! :) xx