Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Favourite Lip Products- At the moment!

So On YouTube I was asked by one of my subscribers if I would do a video on my favourite lippies (video was a disaster so it's not going up!)
I got to thinking- will I do a top 5, have I got any all time favourites and my answers were- there is no way I could pick just 5 and no I don't really have any all time favourites. That may sound strange to some but I'm such a floozy when it comes to lippy!

So I decided on this- My Favourite lip products at the moment N.B. Subject to change.

The Lovely Lippies

The Swatches- See Below

1-Rimmel Balm Stick in Boom Chic a Boom- This is from the Rita Ora Collection. Its a bright pink and the forumla smells like Tic Tacs and I'm obsessed with the smell of tic tics, keep the box when they are done to sniff-weird? I don't think so! This is actually representitve because although I love this one, my fave is actually the Viva Violet one but I couldn't find it at the time (yup- best beauty blogger ever!!) These are hydrating, glossy and when the gloss goes the colour stays for a really long time.

2- L'Oreal L'extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Molto Mauve- Despite not being able to pronounce the latter part of the colour description, this is a lovely product. It was actually sent to me in error as I ordered the fushia one and I didn't think I'd like it but I really do. Its a great 'my lips but better' - I cringe when I say that! Its very glossy, it lasts quite well as it is a tiny bit sticky but still very slick and I love it when I'm feeling the natural, glossy look.

Me wearing Molto Mauve

3- Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids in Fushia Flash- This is a gorgeous blueish toned, almost barbie pink. I've picked this one to represent the range. I also have hot plum and shocking Coral and love all of them. They aren't matte but not to shiney, they stay on really well, smell nice and the colour Payoff and wearing time on them is amazing.

4-Rimmel Kate Moss Matte in 107- Now this is not a very summery colour but it is my go to for a red lip. It's a wine red, it's obviously a Matte, it works really well with a brighter lipliner underneath or a bright red in the middle for an ombre effect. I love to pair this with no blush and a nice liquid liner for a pale and interesting look.

Me wearing Kate Moss 107

5-Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet- This was one that I coveted for a while. Its a liquid lip laquer that dries to a completely matte, transfer proof finish (as if you didn't already know). It's long lasting, doesn't show up all the dry bits on your lips if, like me, you have them and it isn't too drying. P.s the colour is awesome too and very wearable in daytime as it is matte.

6- Rimmel Apocalips in Nova- This is a lovely light pink, a very comfortable wearable daytime lippie. Its my go to when I have added a bit of colour or something extra to my eye look. It wears well.

7- Elf Lip Liner and Blender Brush in Fushia- This again is a fushia colour (sense a theme?). I have lots of Elf lip products and products in General and these are my favourite. They have the retractable pencil at one end and the wee lip brush for blending at the other. They go on nicely, the colour is good and they are cheap as chips!

8/9- Rimmel Exaggerate lipiners in Eastend Snob and Red Diva. These are lovely little retractable lipliners which is handy as I am forever losing my sharpener. They have an angled tip which is good for the cupids bow area. The formula is nice and creamy and the colours are great. Eastend Snob is a nude pink and I always have it on me in my makeup bag as it goes with everything and is nice under a gloss. Red Diva is a true red, great under the Kate Moss 107 lippy.

10- Sleek Lipstick in Mystic- This has fast become my favourite lippy of the moment. It's very much along the lines of the 'colour of the year' Radiant Orchid. The colour is a beautiful pinky purple colour and I've had sooo many compliments on it. The formula is matte which makes it stay on quite well. I just love it!

Me wearing Mystic- Sorry About the weird pose

Special mention- so I did say lip products not just lipsticks liners etc. So special mention has to go to the body shiop born lippy lipbalm. This is a gorgeous smelling (I have raspberry), glossy, hydrating lipbalm. I wear it alone, over lipliner or over a matte lipstick. It is really versatile and I love it.

I hope this hasn't been too Rambly and that you've enjoyed it. I was tagged in the lip product addict tag but I think I've covered a lot of the questions here and I was to post this last week but had laptop issues!

What are your faves at the min? Do you have any of the above? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @lozzyloveslippy


  1. The Kate Moss 07 Lipstick is one of my favourites too it's such a gorgeous colour. Great picks

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Aw thank you. Yeah it's v popular. I really like it paired with a brighter red in the middle xx