Sunday, 1 June 2014

Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara- New Fave?

So As you all saw on my haul post last week, I have over indulged in a bit of the new kid on the block- Makeup Revolution.

I thought I would share with you what has fast become one of my favourite products that I have got from them.

So It is the Amazing Volume Mascara in Ultra Black.

I got this as I was running out of my Rimmel lash Accelerator and I wanted to try a new mascara- I thought for £1.50 why not!

Let's start by talking about my lashes- they are quite long and curly but very fair and not very thick so I usually want a super black and volumising mascara but I don't like spider legs at the same time.

The Formula.

The Mascara itself is very wet, I always find wet mascaras to be better for volumising as they stick to the lashes better rather than having to drag a dry mascara wand through each and every lash. the only issue I've had is that a lot of product comes out when you take the wand out so you have to scrape the excess off- not a deal breaker for me I have to say!

The Wand.

As you can see from the pics the wand is quite thick. It is a bristly brush as opposed to the spiky plastic ones and it tapers towards the end which is good for going in to the wee inner corner lashes and also for a bit of separation after.

The Staying Power

Now this is where it has won me over. I have quite watery eyes and oily eyelids and one of my eyes has a squint meaning one is more hooded than the other (jeez I sound like a right minger don't I lol). This means that every day without fail my mascara transfers on this one eye and smudges. With this mascara I haven't had that problem so that wins big bonus points. It hold the curl in my lashes and stays on really well.

The Packaging.

The packaging is a bit plasticy and cheap looking. On the outside is a clear plastic casing with the black plastic tube containing the mascara inside this. However, I showed it to someone at work the other day and said this to her, she disagreed and didn't think it was very cheap looking so maybe I'm harsh lol. To be honest I don;t need fancy pants packaging I just want it to work and it does.

In summery this mascara is sooo cheap and affordable, its super black it lasts well and gives good volume. The only downside is the amount of product.

Have you got any Makeup Revolution products? Have you tried this? Let me know!