Thursday, 26 June 2014

June Beauty Favourites

I am currently back home (Northern Ireland) for the weekend with a ridiculous amount of makeup and products some old favourites and some new and I thought, while packing, it's been a while since I last did a favourites post so I thought since we have now hit the half year mark (holy moly!) now would be the time to do one!

First up we have stuff for your hand area

Body Shop Hemp Hand Protecter

This stuff is so moisturising. I get such dry hands sometimes and this stuff works almost straight away to combat this. I only use it when I need it as it is pricier than I normally spend on hand cream but I love it. The formula is pretty thick but sinks in easily.

Rita Ora for Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in Pillow Talk

It's the colour of this polish that makes it a favourite for me. It's just a perfect sky blue and reminds me of summer. I do like the formula as well, it's got a slight pearl finish, dries quickly and lasts well. I love to put a few wee lilac dots on it to jazz it up too.

Next Up is Lip Stuff

Tanya Burr Lipgloss- Exotic Island

I've got a few of these lippies and this is my fave. it's a gorgeous purple-pink with plenty of gloss. It doesn't feel sticky and has a gorgeous scent (raspberry maybe?)

Rimmel Exxaggerate lipliner-Eastend Snob

I talked about this in my fave lip products post but I really do love this stuff. it's so versatile, the perfect pinky nude, goes with everything lipliner. The forumla is creamy and longlasting and the retractable packaging is so handy since I am forever losing sharpeners.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivids-Shocking Coral

I have 2 others in this range and have been coveting this for a while. The colour is a gorgeous pink coral colour which is so brightening and cheery. The forumla is creamy without being too glossy and leaves a lovely stain when wearing off.

Next we have Makeup Tools

Generic Ebay Makeup Sponge

This is a kind of dupe for the Beauty Blender but waaaay cheaper. It was £2/£3 and it has a cool easy hold shape with the round bottom for all over the face and the pointed tip for crevices/smaller bits. I don't use it to apply makeup, I use it for if I've over powdered or feel like I need to blend everything together after applying my makeup.

Red Beauty Brushes Medium Blending Brush

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but I use this every day and thought I'd mention it again. This is a great quality brush and great for crease blending or popping a shadow all over the lid. I actually have two of them now and they are really reasonable. Red Beauty also gave me a 40% off code if anyone want to use it it's lozzyloveslippy40.

And Lastly We Have Eye Stuff

Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner- 100% Black

Again I've mentioned this before but I've been loving a simple liquid line on my top lashes. Coupled with They're Real Mascara from Benefit, it gives a really nice false lash effect. It's really black, liquidy and the firm sponge tip makes it really easy to control. Simple- the way I like it! 

Sleek Eyebrow Stylist-Light

My eyebrows are my Everest but this stuff has made me climb a wee bit further up the peak. I like the colout, it's not too warm and not too ashy, the formula is nice, not too slippy and creamy and not overly waxy. It stays put but doesn't look fake. On one end there is a spoolie which is always handy and the other end has the pencil which is a kind of triangle shape- good for adding shape with the thin bit and filling in with the thicker bit.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner-Nude

I've had this stuff for a while. It's like concealer for ya peepers! I use it on days where I look particularly tired or on minimal makeup days to help me look more awake. I apply it on my waterline and it really does the trick of concealing redness, brightening and opening up my eyes. 

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