Wednesday, 18 June 2014

House of Fraser Blog Event-Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

So let me set the scene. I was casually minding my own business when one day I got an Email from the lovely Ashleigh on behalf of House of Fraser including their blog content etc. asking if I would be interested in meeting with them to do something for their blog. I of course said yes!
Fast forward a few weeks and I get an Email to tell me what exactly it will entail- a blogger challenge with a few other bloggers on a Festival hairstyle!!

Cue Panic! For 1 I've never been to a festival (Westlife didn't generally play festivals) and 2 i'm rubbish with hair! I contemplated pulling out, I get bad anxiety as it is with new things, people, places etc and this on top was like woah! But I just gave myself a kick up the arse and told myself that it would be a great opportunity to meet some nice people and decided I'd go for it.
Jeez that was a long intro!

Anywho the event was held in The Pit in Chapel Allerton (not Leeds city centre Caitlin!) and  I was first to arrive as usual, given my obsession with being early. The girls from Search labs were lovely and we all had a great laugh as one by one my fellow bloggers arrived and expressed that they were having the same feelings as me about the hairstyle challenge! After sufficient girly chat, it was time for the hair dos. I had relaxed a bit by then (the wine helped) and was ready to go.

I had brought a few bits with me like Superdrug Volumising Dry shampoo and a floral headband dodah and decided to do a side plait with a bit of volume. And anywho to cut a long story short here's Pics-courtesy of the Lovely Natalie at Search Labs.

My Little Floral Garland

Overusing the dry shampoo

I even brought festival themed earrings!

Me Before the 'do

My Festival 'do!

Caitlin with her lovely milkmaid (I think) Braid (blog-juxtarose)

Fran with her half up do and wee flower dodoah (Blog-thenletsbegin)

Jenna and her little beachy waves and twists and extra wonderful sunflower thingys! (Blog-Hepcatblogs)

Group shot!
L-R Fran, Caitlin, Moi and Jenna

Oh we are so silly lol!

And of course no blogger event would be complete without a goody bag (above) Containing some lovely Grace Cole stuff etc and a BISCUIT WITH MY NAME ON IT sorry to shout, I just got excited again.

Afore mentioned amazing biscuit!

I think we all did pretty well for hair novices, I even left the place in all my glory- I did get a couple of funny looks on the way out but meh! It was a great afternoon, I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. I met some lovely people and had fun and as well as that I'm going to actually be on the House of Fraser blog!!

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments who you think won the challenge!

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  1. Hi Laura, this is such a lovely post! We're so glad that you came along and to hear that you enjoyed the day so much. You all ended up being secret pros at hair styling I'm not sure we'd be able to pick a winner - I do love how different everyone's looks ended up being too. Hope to see you again soon :) Natalie x

    1. Aw thank you Natalie! Yeah I was expecting us to do quite similar things but it was good we were different! Xx