Thursday, 12 June 2014

Fat Fighting Update- Thank Goodness

So you may remember that for the last two weeks I've been a gorb (look it up lol) and put on weight. I had a blip week and a birthweek (yup week not day) in which I decided to eat the world.

Well You'll also recall that I drew a line under it on last week's post and decided that I would get back on it this week.

I've been trying to be good all week- brought in my lunch instead of buying it from canteen, swerving my usual sausage sarnie in the morn and instead having a cereal bar and yoghurt. This has resulted in a 1.5lb loss this week!

Now this result is not a walking on sunshine, cartwheels through a meadow kind of result but it's a bloody good step in the right direction!

NSV of the week

Simply put, I got my arse in gear! I've got the bus every day this week. Now this might not seem a lot to any normal human being (clearly I'm not) but after doing very little, relying on taxis, having a very swollen ankle post leg break and quite frankly using it as a bit of a get out of jail free card, this is massive for me!
What it has taught me is that I can do it, I need to stop being a lazy cow and that I can quite quickly improve my fitness.

Foodie Find of the Week

Casually browsing the asda site the other day, I came across the newish Ski strawberry moose. It's 74kcal or 2Propoints and it is lovely. It's also on offer at Tesco at the min!

Final Thought

It's the wee things that really do matter and as the saying goes (I think) little Acorns grow big f**k off trees- ok I paraphrased but you get me!

Don't have a full pic this week so you can laugh at my makeup done by my friend Andrea instead lol and at least my face is getting a bit thinner.


  1. Well done! Those acorns will grow mahoosive tress, wait til you see ;)