Friday, 6 June 2014

Fat Fighting Update- Great Week for the Wrong Reasons!

So yesterday was weigh in again!
I was tempted to skip it as I had a 'week off' and was very naughty (very very naughty).
It was my birthday on Thursday last week and had a weekend of cupcakes, wine and eating out planned as my friend was over from Northern Ireland.
And boy did I indulge...

Weigh in.
So I put on 3lb this week (2nd week in a row) but you know what? I'm not bothered. I can lose it again and it's not the end of the world. It's that attitude that keeps me committed and sane! Failure is giving up, it's not having a blip...or something better worded and inspirational lol!

NSV of the Week
So although I had a naughty week I still had an NSV- my renewed attitude and commitment.
The last time I got to this point before with weightwatchers I had lost 2st10lb (2007) it got to my birthday and I took a week off... I didn't go back on (well, untill now).

So I suppose that's my inspirational bit. Draw a line under it, give yourself a shake and get the f on with it!!

Thanks for Reading, I'll leave you with a pic of me on my birthday :) Xx