Monday, 5 May 2014

Plee for Help!!

So this is just going to be a bit of a rant! -Soz!

Is it too much to ask for that my skin just stays normal and reacts properly to things I put on it?
I thought by the age of 25 that breakouts and acne would be a thing of the past but clearly not!

I've tried about 6 different face masks and each of them have either irritated me, gave me lots of redress, broke me out or just plain scared me with how much my face burned.

I really begrudge spending a fortune on stuff to put on my face unless it's really pretty but it would seem that I'm going to have to do something more.

I get an awful lot of redress, breakouts etc so if you can reccommend something I can try that won't break the bank, I'll be your BFF!

Thanks for reading my


  1. I was going to suggest something by La Roche-Posay but as most of their products are over £10 I don't know if that's bank breaking or not? It comes out on the more expensive side for me but the two moisturisers I have from them are really worth the money.

    Jaq @

    1. Never tried anything from them before! Might have to give it a go. Bank breaking to me is over £25 usually lol xx

  2. Avene skin recovery moisturiser is good and reasonably priced. For face masks I love the ones from Liz Earle. It's worth spending a wee bit on your skin - you're going to wear it the rest of your life hopefully! I've been testing out the cleansing gel from sanctuary and getting on well with it. Origins masks are also good, they sometimes do sets for cheaper.

    1. Thanks Aine. Noted. I'm going shopping at the end of the month with birthday money and I think I'm going to spend a wee bit on skin care instead of all makeup. xx