Sunday, 18 May 2014

Our wee day out complete with #ootd

Hi All,

So today I am absolutely dying with the cold and I can't get the energy to take pics of makeup or even brush my hair to be honest so I thought instead of leaving my Blog empty I'd share some pics from me and My fella's little day out yesterday.

Me Very squinty in the sun! 

Nice Pub we went to Called The Bankhouse outside Pudsey in Leeds. It's a really chilled almost rural Pub and Dog/Child/horse friendly as there were loads of all of those things running around.

Matthew (My fella) and his Pint of Cider- He is enjoying himself really he just hates photos

Me and my white wine spritzer- yup you read right lol

My OOTD- I look sufficiently like a blob as Matthew took it sitting down which is always flattering!
Top-New look
Cardi- Yours Clothing
Skirt- Marisota

Me all squinty again- went for a bit of a natural makeup look. Used Bronzer, no blush and a cream highlight 

Matthew looking far off into the distance at all the greenery!

Said Greenery! Isn't it Pretty. Reminds me of home!

Obligatory Drinks Shot!

I hope you enjoyed a browse through the pics and I'm sorry that it was a bit of a cop out post but I really am feeling rubbish and it took all that was in me to actually do this post!

What have you been up to this weekend?

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